Landmark Cases

Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier: The US Supreme court decided that the school did have the right to censor the newspaper due to protect welfare of the student body.

Regents of the University of California v. Bakke: Allan Bakke applied to the medical school and got denied because he was black. This violated the 14th amendment. The decision was that Bakke was supposed to be admitted into the University of California.

Gideon v. Wainwright: Gideon was arrested and could not afford a lawyer to represent him. He should have had a lawyer that would have helped him get out of jail. It went against the sixth amendment rights.

Pointer v. Texas:

Miranda v. Arizona: Miranda was guilty of a kidnap and rape sentenced to 20-30 years.

Plessy v. Ferguson: 14th amendment, the separation of whites and blacks in social situations does not enforce the implication that the one race is actually inferior in terms of the other. This act was constitutional and made segregation difference.

New Jersey v. T.L.O: A high school student was caught by a teacher with a friend who was smoking. He searched T.L.O purse and found cigarettes. He also found rolling papers, which might have been leading to the fact that she may have been smoking weed or even selling it to other people. The vice president saw her smoking cigarettes.

Olmstead v. United States:

Marbury v. Madison:

Gibbons v. Ogden:

Miranda v. Arizona: Mr.Miranda was arrested because of a kidnapping and sexual assault also was identified. Never had a lawyer presented to him. it affected the 5th and 6th amendment. Miranda rights came from this.

Meyer v. Nebraska: Simon Act stated that the 8th grade before you can learn a language. Meyer was punished for teaching German  Nebraska wanted him to teach English before any other language.

Barron v. Baltimore: Took his property without legal compensation. Barron was an owner of a wharf. Accused the city of Baltimore  The city of Baltimore had no control over it. The court gave 4,500 dollars for damages done to his harbor.

Tinker v. Des Moines: controversy of freedom of expression. John and Beth tinker wanted to go against the Vietnam war by wearing dark arms bands and were suspended. The school district had prohibited the wearing of armbands. the judge ruled in favor of the tinkers. You shouldn’t lose your rights in school. Only if it is disrupting the educational process.

Untied States v. Nixon: Nixon ordered the multiple break ins the Watergate hotel. Nixon’s recording devices in the oval office had incriminating evidence. Nixon appointed lead investigators to find out was responsible for the break ins. Prosecutor told Nixon to hand over the tapes in the oval office and nixon refused. The supreme court ordered Nixon to hand over the tapes. He deleted certain parts in the tape. Impeachment process was started in the House of Representative. Nixon resigned before he could be tried.

McCulloh v. Maryland: the federal government decided to make a national bank. Maryland began to tax the national bank. Mcculloh refused to pay the unreasonable taxes. Maryland brought him to court. McCulloh won the case. They cant interfere with laws.

US v. Leon Case : Alberto Leon  was dealing large quantities of cocaine. the warrant was invalid. The evidence should be used again Alberto Leon. The police conducted a good search.

Griswold v. Connecticut: It was legal to sell contraceptive, but it would be illegal to use.

United States v. Miller:

Scott v. Sanford:


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