Chapter 26. Divorce Agreements

Ending the marriage contract. One of which voiding the contract and nullifying the contract.

2. Divorce

A. No fault divorce- “Dissolution”

Irretrievable breakdown

Irreconcilable difference

Irremediable breakdown

B. Adultery

C. Cruelty

D. Desertion

E. Alcholism

F. Nonsupport

G. Conviction of a Felony

1. Anulment: the nulification of a marriage contract as if it never existed.

Allowable agents that you can file for anulment. You have to prove the intent to get married. Concealing pregnancy from someone else that is not your husband. Concelaing incurable disease. Mental illness. Impotence is the grounds for anulment.

Alimony is an allowance made to a divorced person by his or her former spouse for support and maintenance. Palimony

In the state of California, it is 50 50 there is no discussion.

Shared custody, sole custody


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