Chapter 19 Homework

Language of the Law:

  1. gratuitous bailment: A bailment that is free of charge benefits one person
  2. donee: The one receiving a gift must indicate acceptance before a gift is completed
  3. intangiable personal property: The right to receive money is an example of property that has no substance and cannot be touched.
  4. bailor: The person who leaves belongings with another person must keep the claim check or receipt to recover his or her goods.
  5. intellectual property: A painting is considered an original work fixed in a tangiable medium of expression.
  6.  bailee: The person who operates a public storage facility is the person who has another person’s belongings in his or her possession.
  7. donor: The one making the gift must intend to make the gift.
  8. mutual- benefit bailment: A contract to store another’s property results in an agreement in which both parties receive some benefit.
  9. bailment: Taking clothing to a laundry results in an agreement created by the delievery of personal property to someone other than the owner for a specific purpose.
  10. tangiable personal property: A boat is an example of property that has substance and can be touched.

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