Chapter 17. Consumer Protection: Homework

Language of the Law:

1. Cooling off Rule

2. Caveat Venditor

3. Consumer

4. Cease and desist order

5. adulterated

6. unfair and deceptive practice

7. caveat emptor

8. product liability

9. fraudulent misrepresentation

10. bait and switch

Review Questions:

1. Four situtations in which federal law protects consumers are 1. Deceptive Pricing 2.false advertising 3. Deceptive Service Estimates 4.product liability

2. Three examples of deceptive pricing are 1. raising and then lowering prices later to look like a sale 2. claiming prices are wholesaleor factory price when it is untrue 3. two-for-one sale and claim a bargain.

3. A person may cancel a sale made from a door-to-door agreement within 3 days. The rights to the nature of the agreement must be stated.

4. Businesses use bait and switch to decieve customers by telling them one thing to”bait” them in and then telling the consumer that the item is no longer available and will try to sell something better and more expensive “the switch”

5. Consumers have the following protection when they buy things from the mail: consumer may return items by specified date or by 30 days after purchase.

6. The rights of a person who recieves unwanted goods through mail

7. A manufacturer or a seller under strict/product liability are liable when someone is injured by using their goods, regardless if it’s a primary or secondary consumer.

8. Consumer Product Safety Act makes manufacturers abide by the following: 1. Quality of the product/Fitness 2. Product is safe 3. Capability to recall product 4. Take action on any complaints

9. A person may recieve consumer protection asssistance through their local consumer protection bureau usually located in one’s county.


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